Music Video Services

  • Urban Video Package

    Cada mes
    Complete Music Video Submission Package.
    Válido por 2 meses
    • Submission to BET, BET Jams, BET Soul, Bet Hip-Hip
    • Submission to MTV Hits, MTV Live, MTV Tr3s, MTV2, MTV VOD
    • Submission to MTVU for college stations and
    • Submission to Vh1 Group, Music Choice Video & MC Choice VOD
    • Submission to Nielsen BDS which provides airplay monitoring
    • RHE Tv Network available on Roku & Amazon Fire Tv/Stick
    • This Package is best for HipHop, Rap, Soul, R&B, Trap & Pop
  • Pop/Rock Video Pkge

    Cada mes
    Great For a solid Radio Campaign
    Válido por 2 meses
    • 6 months on Sony Hulk Radio in Rotation
    • Monetized if you are registered with BMI, Ascap, S/E
  • Country Video Pkge

    Cada mes
    Start off by introducing yourself to radio for 3 months
    Válido por 2 meses
    • Monetized if your song is registered in BMI, Ascap, S/E
  • Bet Video Package

    Cada mes
    Get Paid For Your Music Videos Everywhere
    Válido por 2 meses
    • Videos are Monetized 50/50 net proceeds split
  • MTV & Vh1 Video Pkge

    Cada mes
    Get Your Song on the radio
    Válido por 2 meses
    • 30 Days of Radio play on Sony Hulk Radio
    • Monetized play if your song is registered Bmi, Ascap, S/E
  • CMT Video Package

    Cada mes
    Get Ya Music heard
    Válido por 2 meses
    • 30 day renewal at discounted price
    • Able to change songs from your catalog monthly on ya renewal
    • Yearly membership for 1st year then monthy after.
  • $1000 for 10 Months

    Cada mes
    Válido por 10 meses
    • Total Label Distribution
  • Sub Label Package

    • Unlimited Music Distribution for Artist signed to your label
    • Unlimited Video Distribution for Artist singed to your label
    • Distribute under you Label Name
    • Vevo Page Creation for your artists
    • Discount on all other label services...
  • Video Distribution

    Save 25% off til the end of may (Normally $400.00)
    Válido por un año
    • 1 Year Music Video Distribution Deal.
    • Get you Video in Tidal, Vevo, Apple Music/itunes and more!!
    • Monetize your video from the very 1st view